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    Most people’s web design priorities begin with a traditional, static web page. They spend a lot of time writing a great sales letter, then optimize this page for keywords, conversion rates and search engine optimisation. However, an alarming amount of people are unaware that most of the traffic thay have spent significant time and money attracting, is slowly slipping away from them. Here I’d like to explain just why mobile  marketing is so important and how you can tap into this ever growing source of traffic.

    Over the last few years the importance of mobile websites for local businesses has been growing considerably. With the introduction of smartphones, your business, must now give serious consideration to including mobile websites within your marketing strategies. By choosing a web design package that can deal with and convert moblie traffic effectively, you’re opening up your business to huge volumes of search traffic which you would normally be allowing to slip past you and on to your competitors web sites.

    So, why as a business should you be looking to make sure that your website is mobile device friendly?

    Approximately 40% of all people, who own a mobile device (e.g. iphone, ipad or other devices) will go online. Around half of these will actually be spending time online at least once each day. In fact, the number of people who own more than one mobile device is increasing every day. An estimated 35% of the population own either a smartphone and tablet PC, two smartphones or even two tablet PCs. This astonishing fact leads industry experts to believe that that mobile devices will eventually take over from traditional PCs.

    As a nation we are constantly on the move and have become more dependent on using the search engines like Google to carry out frequent tasks, such as finding phone numbers and locations of a particular business or service. We need to book cinema, train and theatre tickets on the move, find a locksmith when we’ve locked ourselves out of the house or even save time by doing your shopping online while we commute.

    The major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing), frequently provide all the information we need, and as a result we are becoming more reliant on mobile devices to access them, using them as the replacement search tool for the traditional “Yellow Pages”, and to a certain extent, the online version, Yell.Com.

    So one thing is for sure, if you don’t prepare your site to allow for mobile customers, your business will be left behind by those who do. Here at Croll Small Business Marketing, we know that a mobile website is so important for all of our website design clients, therefore we now include a mobile layout for their business at no additional cost.

    Our multi-format website designs provide the user with a “Call Us” button, that will connect directly to your business, and a “Find Us” button that will open a navigation map using either Google Maps or the map application on the device. This provides the user handy details of the location of your business, resulting in increased conversions from the mobile traffic which you have worked so hard to attract in the first place! This service is what what makes our customers the most significant increase in sales through one simple addition to their web site.

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