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    This year the Internet Advertising Bureau was quoted as saying:-

    “Search is now a significant advertising medium in its own right with the search market worth almost £2.35 billion in 2010 across PC and mobile, representing 57% of online advertising spend in the UK”.

    80% or all internet traffic is derived from the Google. Using a local business marketing service, your business will be marketed through these search engines, enabling customers who already know what they want, to find you. Let me clarify that statement. These are customers who already want what you are selling – you just need to help them find you!

    If they are searching for Web Design in London or an Electrician in Kilburn then probably, they really are looking for just that. They are motivated and ready to buy.

    If that’s the service you provide then you should be able to pull in as much as 70% of those searches.

    Most businesses are perfect for local business marketing. As long as prospective buyers are searching for your product or service in your area, you can benefit from promoting your business locally.

    For example:

    Local Gyms/Fitness Centers
    Solicitors MOT Stations
    Dance Studios
    TV Aerial Installers
    Car Garages
    Pizza Delivery Shops
    Estate Agents

    Local business marketing is highly cost effective when comparing against traditional marketing tools such as Yellow Pages. Most of our clients can acquire new customers for roughly 80% – 90% less than the cost of using Yellow Pages as their advertising choice.

    The success of your local business marketing activities will be partly affected by the local demand. If you’re a small business in a big city, then you have a large population to which your advertising can be shown. However, if you’re located in a small country village, search-based local business marketing might not be as effective in your case.

    What do people search for?
    When prospective customers search for products and services in their local area, they are mostly searching for problems they may have e.g. “broken tv, boiler needs a service, car repairs”. Their search will usually take the form of:

    [location] + [type of business]


    [type of business] + [location]


    Web Design London
    London Web Design

    By having a well defined profile in Google for these terms, businesses are able to tap in to a wealth of new customers.

    Your website should not only make it very obvious what defines your business, it should also make it very clear what makes you stand out from the competition.

    You need to think about exacly who will be searching for you and what they will be searching for so that you can build your website accordingly. Once attracting those potential customers to your site, you must then go about the complex process of converting those hits to a sale.

    For example, be sure to point out exactly where you operate and that you are available to provide your service right now. The entire focus of your website is to sell your products or services with the intent of generating a sale from every prospective customer. For example if you are optimising for the terms “Plumber and Kilburn”, you might have a headline stating, “Are you looking for a cheap, reliable plumber in Kilburn?”. Then you would go on to explain what makes you the perfect choice, via testimonials and accreditations, all pointing to the reasons why they should do business with you.

    Normally when people search online, they’ll be comparing numerous websites just like yours, so be sure to explain why and how you’re the best option and justify why customers should chose your service and not your competitors.

    Give them a clear “call to action”, of what to do next. e.g. “Fill in the form” or “Call now for further details.”

    Today, most website enquiries are generated via an online contact form as opposed to a telephone call, so make sure your contact form is easy to locate and use.

    If you have testimonials from previously satisfied customers, make them prominent on your website. Word of mouth is some of the best kind of advertising!

    Remember this simple formula for writng a sales letter:-

    Benefits of product/service
    Call to action

    Once you have your optimal website, it’s time to go and get some traffic! Tthere’s no point having the best website in the world if nobody is looking at it, There are many ways to approach this from:

    * Google Places
    * Social Media Marketing using Facebook / Twitter
    * Search engine optimisation or SEO. Search engine optimisation will, if carried out correctly rank your site in the “free” search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. For various local search terms, it is relatively easy to achieve high rankings. Croll Small Business Marketing can provide you with SEO services and customised web design enhancements to make sure you are high up on the first page of Google. If you wish to do this yourself, we have plenty more articles on this site that can help you.

    If none of that appeals, you can simply pay for the traffic:
    * Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, on Google Adwords. This is instant and targeted, however you pay for each individual visitor to your site, so you need to make sure that when they get there, they stay there!

    Finally, Marketing your business using mobile devices. We have written another article on the importance of marketing your business using mobile devices. Read about Mobile Device Marketing here.

    The above ideas are obviously a non-exhaustive list, but using these techniques alone, can generate a significant amount of additional revenue.

    Search engine marketing for local businesses is only set to grow as more and more people use Google to find what they’re looking for.

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